Labor backflips on new pool safety laws

18 Feb 2011 10:10 AMJann Stuckey

18 February 2011

Shadow Minister for Fair Trading Jann Stuckey MP said Labor were compromising children’s safety by postponing their own pool safety laws.

“The LNP stated their concerns with the implementation of this rushed legislation during debate in September last year, however we supported the Government’s pool safety laws in good faith because we believed in the premise that every life is valuable,” said Ms Stuckey.
“Now we have a situation where the Premier has decided to relax the new laws to allow pool owners to lease their properties without a valid certificate.

“Evidence shows that most drownings occur in the first 90 days of people moving to a new residence, yet properties will be able to be rented that don’t meet the new standard.

“This Government can’t have it both ways.  Postponing new laws for some pool owners will add to the confusion that is already widespread in communities.

“Unreasonable time frames for the implementation of these pool laws have been further impacted by flood damage but that is no excuse to put safety on the back foot.

“Safety in and around pools is vital and we need to ensure that we have a workable system that best meets that aim, not a bureaucratic headache which puts pool owners in a jam.

“Laws aside, the best defence against drowning accidents is constant supervision and teaching young children to swim.
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