Labor can’t be trusted on ICT

5 Aug 2010 12:29 PMJann Stuckey

5 August 2010

Queenslanders should not hold their breath waiting for improved ICT services under either Bligh or Gillard given Labor’s appalling record, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said both federal and state Labor’s record on information and communication technology was all talk and little action.

“As usual Minister Schwarten makes a lot of noise about Labor’s so-called ICT achievements but the results don’t match the rhetoric,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Labor’s first attempt to introduce its promised national broadband network resulted in a failed $30 million tendering process.

“Labor’s second attempt to deliver an NBN network has so far committed $43 billion without a business study into its viability which experts agree is unsustainable unless government intervenes to prevent competition.

“Minister Schwarten boasts only Labor can be trusted to deliver ICT projects but his own record shows Labor cannot be trusted on ICT.

“Minister Schwarten still hasn’t fixed the Queensland Health payroll project and can’t give a guarantee when or if it will ever be fixed.

“Minister Schwarten had to scrap the whole-of government payroll project despite spending $900 million on it and he now admits he can’t meet his promise to deliver the $45 million whole-of-government email project by December this year.”

Ms Stuckey said Minister Schwarten’s boast a re-elected Gillard government would deliver better ICT services for Australians was as empty as his own record.

“Today we were told Julia Gillard raided $448 million from savings earmarked for for ICT projects to pay for her electoral pork barrelling,” she said.

“Robert Schwarten has proved he can’t be trusted to deliver his ICT promises and Julia Gillard’s track record proves she can’t be trusted either.

“The fact is Labor always promises the world, but rarely delivers.”

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