Labor Ends Waterwise Rebate Schemes Early

17 Dec 2008 11:16 AMJann Stuckey

17 December 2008

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey, says that the State Government has cheated Queenslanders by bringing forward the cut off date for the Home and Garden Waterwise Rebate Scheme from June 2009 to 31st December 2008.

The Scheme was meant to assist Queenslanders who installed rainwater tanks, water efficient washing machines and shower heads, dual flush toilet suites, grey water systems, pool covers and water efficient garden products.

To qualify for a rainwater tank rebate; applicants will have to purchase and pay for the tank by 31 December 2008, have it internally plumbed and lodge the application by Monday 16 February 2009.

To qualify for a dual-flush toilet suite rebate, applicants must purchase and pay for the toilet suite on or before 31 December 2008. The suite must be operational before the application is lodged by 16 February 2009.

“Initially the Scheme allowed a rebate to people who made these purchases until mid-2009. But now it has been noted on the Waterwise website that the State Government is ending the Scheme on the 31st December this year”,
said Mrs Stuckey.

In order to qualify for a rebate, eligible products must be purchased and paid for by 31 December 2008. Applications for rebates will be accepted until close of business on 16 February 2009.

“The Bligh Government has deceived the general public and not even had the decency to make a public announcement to advise people of these changes.
It only appeared on the Waterwise website earlier this week and as people are busy preparing for Christmas, there is a good chance that they would not see it until the time had lapsed”.

Minister for Natural Resources and Water, Craig Wallace stated in August 2008 that ‘the rebate scheme is the largest and most successful of its type in Australia’.

“The scheme has been very popular so why cut it short by approximately six months? Once again we can see the Bligh-Labor Government breaking it’s promises and trying to save costs at the public’s expense. This secretive and underhand behaviour by the Bligh government shows just how arrogant they have become in way they treat the public”.

Applications and guidelines are available for the website at schemes.html.

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