Labor hiding true Tugun Desal operating costs

12 Oct 2018 1:28 PMJann Stuckey Labor hiding true Tugun Desal operating costs

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has accused the Palaszczuk Labor government of deliberately withholding information about the true operating costs of the Tugun Desalination plant, costs borne by residents of the Gold Coast.

“Labor’s expensive, multi-billion dollar failed Water Grid continues to be a burden on taxpayers and residents and they should come clean on the real costs,” said Ms Stuckey.


“In May of this year I asked a Question on Notice regarding the expense per megalitre to operate the facility and was fobbed off with an answer that gave costs of continuous running of the plant when we all know it is in ‘hot standby mode’ and only used as backup somewhere else.


“A follow-up question asking for operating schedules for the past two years revealed the Tugun plant only ran for 20 days in 2016-17 and around 50 days in 2017-18, which is hardly continuous.


“In 2015 the average running cost for the next three years was estimated at $15.2 million per year, a huge amount for a plant that is rarely utilised at capacity.


“During Estimates 2013 then minister Mark McArdle estimated costs at $4881 per megalitre compared to $256 per megalitre for SEQ dam water yet minister Lynham stated the desalination plant at Tugun’s production cost to be $800 per megalitre which is a massive and questionable difference.


“Wrapping water prices together is a deliberate attempt to cover up the true cost of running this facility, a facility built without a robust business case at enormous expense to the general public.


Labor must stop beating around the bush on this issue and start telling the truth,” said Ms Stuckey.


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