Labor Minister boasts about his failures

25 Mar 2010 11:37 AMJann Stuckey

25 March 2010

The announcement that Queensland Health has finally joined Shared Services Initiative only demonstrates how badly the Bligh Labor Government has botched the human resources/finance program roll-out.

LNP Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said the government had more than eight years to make whole of Government changes but had failed.

“The Shared Service Initiative (SSI) program commenced in 2002 and was supposed to deliver savings across Government by combining corporate services that are often duplicated across departments,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The roll-out of human resources and finance programs was to be completed in 2007 — yet three years past this deadline we see the Minister happily trumpeting that a single government department has signed up to the initiative.

“Taking eight years to roll-out what is now a cut-down program is nothing to boast about.

“This program has been sabotaged and botched by successive Labor Government bungling.

“Shared Services Departments have been closed in regional centres, with communities losing the jobs, because the Bligh Labor Government failed to get enough departments on board.

“Instead of bragging about one department joining this program, the Minister should apologise for the time and money this government has wasted by repeatedly botching the introduction of this initiative.”

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