Labor must commit to tourism funding for RTOs

12 Nov 2015 11:03 AMJann Stuckey

Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO) have been left in limbo by the Palaszczuk Labor Government after Tourism Minister Kate Jones repeatedly refused to commit to future funding.

Today in Parliament, the Shadow Minister for Tourism Jann Stuckey demanded Minister Jones give assurances that funding for RTOs will remain at 2014-15 levels and is secure for the next four years.

Ms Stuckey said the Minister was due to meet with these organisations today and if they were short-changed, Queensland tourism would go backwards under this do-nothing Labor Government.

“The thirteen Regional Tourism Organisations are a vital part of the tourism industry, working hard to deliver unique attractions and hero experiences across Queensland,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The LNP supported these organisations while in Government and remains the only party with a plan to reinvigorate tourism and unleash Queensland’s true potential.

“Despite the contribution these organisations make to the tourism industry in Queensland, this out of touch Tourism Minister has failed to guarantee ongoing funding.

“While the Minister boasts about four year funding and a $400 million investment to Tourism and Events Queensland, her silence about whether this funding applies to the RTOs is causing great concern within the industry.

“The question has been put to the Minister at Estimates and the RTOs have also sought clarification on what is going on but the Minister has ducked and weaved, refusing to answer.

“These organisations rely heavily on this funding and the lack of answers are understandably causing a lot of anxiety within the industry.”

Ms Stuckey said Minister Jones had been embroiled in controversy after controversy and appears to be the Tourism Minister in name only.

“Instead of playing politics, the Minister needs to show some commitment to these hard working organisations and the many operators they represent,” she said.

“We know this Minister is struggling with the Tourism portfolio, since she produced an investment document with a front cover ten years out of date and then Version B and C were riddled with errors.

“Labor needs to lift its game and when the Minister meets with the tourism organisations today, she must commit to the funding they need and deserve.”

[ENDS] 12 November 2015