Labor not serious about cutting red tape

15 Nov 2011 2:32 PMJann Stuckey

15 November 2011

LABOR expected Queensland’s struggling small business sector to believe the appointment of a single bureaucrat could cut through 90,000 pages of regulation that had overwhelmed the entire Office of Regulatory Efficiency.
LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey questioned Small Business Minister Jan Jarratt today in parliament on how the new Business Commission would succeed where teams of other public servants had failed.
“The Minister is not serious about tackling the issue of red tape – with this token appointment,” Ms Stuckey said.
“This Minister is constantly revealing just how out of touch and cold-hearted she really is when it comes to helping struggling small businesses.
“Her answer that governments create forms – that’s what governments do – is a disgraceful insult to the thousands of Queensland businesses hoping for some relief from Labor’s expensive over-regulation.
Minister Jarratt failed to provide any detail on how the new commissioner will drive down compliance costs and the hours of mind-numbing paperwork that ties up hardworking small business owners.
“I hope the commissioner comes with a magic wand – because he faces a huge task after 20 years of Labor’s inaction over the issue of red tape.
“Queenslanders need to remember that Jan Jarratt and the Bligh government established the Office of Regulatory Efficiency to cut through and wind-back red tape.”
Ms Stuckey said the appointment of the new Business Commission was a giant admission of failure by Jan Jarratt and the long-term Bligh government.
“The only way to cut red tape and help get small business pumping again is to change the government – Anna Bligh and Labor, not this time.
“Only the LNP will restore accountability in government.”
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