Labor Plans to Axe School Based Police Officer Program

10 Aug 2017 12:06 PMJann Stuckey



Labor Plans to Axe School Based Police Officer program

In a speech to parliament member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey slammed the decision to drop the School Based Police Officer program at a time when youth were facing more pressures than ever before and drugs and weapons were being confiscated from primary and high school students.

During Estimates hearings last month Ms Stuckey questioned the Police Commissioner about progress of an application for a school-based police officer (SBPO) for both local high schools.

"The application process commenced well over a year ago and was jointly lodged by Palm Beach Currumbin State High and Elanora State High at the start of May 2017," Ms Stuckey said.

"I am proud of my two local high schools for taking a constructive approach to promoting healthy and proactive relationships between students and local police.

"I’d heard whispers an announcement regarding the allocation of an SBPO may be imminent.

However it seems nothing could be further from the truth as I was told by the Assistant Commissioner that officers have ‘been in meetings with principals to discuss a different approach rather than the appointment of a specific officer.’

"So what does that mean? We aren’t getting one at all?

‘Why is Labor dumping an initiative that works at a time when it has been revealed drugs and weapons are being found on primary and high school students, when we had a bomb hoax at our largest high school, and a 12 year old was charged with the armed hold-up of a GC service station?

"This sounds like yet another cost cutting measure from a lazy, incompetent government desperate to prop up dwindling police numbers. Are they going to chop all 50 SBPO positions?

"Having a school-based police officer engaging with the school and local community will assist in developing crime prevention strategies to keep our communities safe.

"Labor have well and truly dropped the ball on student support and we will pay the price for that in the future.

"Shamefully, the Palazczuk Government have chosen resources over student safety.

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