Labor red tape strangles small business

6 Apr 2011 12:23 PMJann Stuckey

6 April 2011

Labor’s red tape was strangling small business, driving up consumer costs and forcing local manufacturing off-shore, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Small Business, Job Creation, Fair Trading and Industrial Relations, Jann Stuckey MP said Bligh and Labor didn’t understand small business.

“Bligh and Labor are more concerned about bureaucratic process than good business outcomes,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Although they are obsessed with rules and regulations, forms and returns, they don’t understand the unnecessary time wasting this creates for small business operators having to satisfy endless bureaucratic demands while simultaneously trying to run their businesses.

“Wasted time increases small business costs, which drives up the cost to consumers.

“Is it any wonder local manufacturers are increasingly considering off-shore options so their products can still be competitively priced?”

Ms Stuckey said a Campbell Newman-led LNP government would cut bureaucratic red tape to reduce small business costs to keep them competitive.

“The LNP understands small business and its needs,” she said.

“The LNP will help small businesses cut their costs by reducing often needless bureaucratic processes to allow them to focus on core business outcomes.

“The LNP will save small business money and deliver more by getting action on the basics and cutting waste.”