Labor’s Hub is just another excuse for a casino

10 Jun 2019 4:52 PMJann Stuckey Labor’s Hub is just another excuse for a casino

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey claims the Palaszczuk Labor government’s proposed Global Tourism Hub (GTH) on the Gold Coast, is nothing more than an excuse for a second casino.


“At a meeting in my office on 22 May with two pleasant women from KPMG in Brisbane to discuss the planned Global Tourism Hub on the Gold Coast it became very clear that the Labor Government are just going through the motions and have probably already made up their minds,” said Ms Stuckey.

“I found it difficult to believe otherwise when asked such basic questions as what I envisage as a Global Tourism Hub. Why weren’t they telling me?

“The consultation process was closing just over two weeks later on June 10 and these consultants couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me what this hub would vaguely look like or how much land it would require. They simply replied that the idea is to drive economics which tells me nothing.

“No wonder people are suspicious. In most circumstances when discussing a major project like a cruise terminal or adventure park there are drawings and models to look at.

“For example the Health and Knowledge Precinct on the Parklands showground site was easy to relate to.

“The Palaszczuk government is not being upfront about what this GTH is or looks like, or how much space it will need, or transport access required.

“If it’s another Queens Wharf, why not call it an integrated resort with casino? But Labor won’t do that – because the LNP came up with that - they have to come up with some meaningless whizzbang title.

“I was told there would be 5% footprint of gaming machines which sounds like the GTH is being structured around a casino but the Palaszczuk Government don’t want to tell you that.

“I made it very clear we don’t want this thing, a Global Tourism Hub, that no-one can even describe, on the Southern Gold Coast. We are already famous for our beaches and hinterland and have a World Surfing Reserve.

“We should be looking at the Gold Coast in its entirety not just one spot. Yes, we need new product, but we also need to support small businesses and tourism offerings in our communities up and down the coast.