Labor still soft on juvenile crime

3 Sep 2009 3:01 PMJann Stuckey

3 September 2009

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey accused Labor of being soft on crime when they voted down the Juvenile Justice (Sentencing Principles) Amendment Bill last night in the Queensland Parliament.  The bill sought to make detention a more effective sentence for juveniles who commit serious crimes.

“This bill seeks to ensure that juveniles who seriously assault a person are held accountable and are punished irrespective of their age.” said Ms Stuckey.

“In the past two and a half years the LNP have introduced at least 8 bills relating to law and order and tougher sentencing. Labor have voted down every one of them.

“I fully support this bill which echoes the sentiments of people in my electorate who are sick and tired of lawless and disrespectful youth getting little more than a slap on the wrist. 

“This legislation is necessary, especially after the shocking bashing of an off-duty policeman and his partner by juveniles as young ten in Coolangatta in November 2007.

“Our society is demanding assurances from the Government that young offenders be held responsible for criminal behaviour.  The LNP has listened and is evidenced by both the content and intent of this bill.  

“Unlike Labor members who choose a policy of ignore the behaviour and hope it will go away, the LNP are prepared to take positive steps to make our communities safer by focussing on deterrence strategies such as these.

“However, it is important to note this bill is not about increasing the amount of lock ups, it’s about making sure young people who deserve detention are placed into detention and are placed there for the appropriate time deserving of the crime they committed.”

“It’s about holding youth accountable for serious criminal behaviour.

“Currently youth who are sentenced go in and out of detention centres through a revolving door and it is not good enough. Sending youth back into to detention 5 times is not deterring them.

“These youngsters need discipline through skill-based detention such as boot camps that will make a difference, and three months is probably not long enough. 

“It is obvious to the people of the Currumbin electorate that Labor is soft on crime.”


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