Labor Votes Against Protection for Police

2 Sep 2010 2:21 PMJann Stuckey

2 September 2010

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, has accused the Labor Government of taking police and emergency workers for granted by voting against mandatory sentences for serious assaults on these officers. 

“In voting down a Private Member’s Bill last night in parliament that was designed to protect our frontline emergency service personnel, the Bligh Government has again proven they are soft on crime and do not value our front-line officers.

“Amendments to the Criminal Code proposed by the LNP called for mandatory sentencing of three months imprisonment for assaults of biting, spitting or throwing bodily fluids on police, ambulance officers and fire fighters.

“Without doubt, the culture of violence against our emergency service officers is increasing, with the number of assaults against police steadily increasing over the past decade. 

“In the past two years alone, over 2,700 assaults against police have been recorded.

“These skilled workers face deadly scenarios on an increasingly frequent basis and this Labor government turns a blind eye.

“Labor is not willing to do what it takes to reduce the assault rate by introducing tougher penalties for offenders.

“A similar LNP Bill was also voted down in 2008 following a spate of serious attacks on police, including a shocking attack on an off-duty police officer in my electorate. 

“Our police and emergency services work tirelessly to protect the community, and I cannot thank them enough for the dedication they show every day.

“Our emergency workers cop a raw deal under this state Labor Government, a Government that refuses to pay our hard-working police what they deserve. 

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