Labor Votes Down School Cyber Bullying Laws

16 Sep 2010 4:57 PMJann Stuckey

16 September 2010

Jann Stuckey MP is concerned for the wellbeing of students in the Currumbin electorate after the LNP’s proposed tough new laws to crack down on cyber bullying were defeated by the Bligh Labor Government last night.

“Cyber bullying has been labelled as the greatest threat facing this current generation of school children,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The Private Member’s Bill proposed by LNP’s Dr Bruce Flegg aimed to give greater powers to police and school principles to confiscate items such as mobile phones used to perpetrate acts of bullying.
“Unfortunately, this Bligh Labor Government voted against laws that would have sent a strong message to offenders that cyber bullying will not be tolerated in Queensland schools.

“It is becoming all too common to hear of school students staging brutal attacks just to record the violence on their mobile phones and then share it with their mates or post it online.

“In other states, the effects of cyber bullying have led to the most tragic of outcomes, youth suicide.

“The evidence that cyber bullying is increasing in our schools is insurmountable, which is why I have sponsored the anti-bullying program ‘Walk in My Shoes’ for high schools in my electorate.

“It is important to send a message to the community that these sorts of actions are no more acceptable than any other form of intimidation

“Strong legislation is needed to stamp out such damaging practices.   

“This Labor Government can no longer hide behind its policy of complacency when it comes to protecting Queensland schoolchildren from the realities they face.