Labor votes to hike car rego

4 Jun 2015 11:52 AMJann Stuckey

Currumbin drivers will pay up to $600 a year for car registration after Labor voted to keep the unfair increase during a vote in Parliament tonight.

The LNP moved a disallowance motion to stop the 3.5 per cent increase from July 1 to car registration and tonight Labor has voted it down choosing to unfairly slug motorists.

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP said the Labor government had let Queenslanders down by forcing these massive hikes on car registration fees.

“Rising cost of living pressures means that every dollar counts for residents trying to make ends meet and pay their bills,” Ms Stuckey said.

“While every LNP Member voted to stop this unfair increase to car registration, every Labor Member voted for it.

“When the LNP came into Government we worked hard to keep costs as low as possible by freezing family car registration for three years.”

Shadow Minister for Transport, Scott Emerson said the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government’s lack of a plan has seen a direct hit to the pockets of motorists.

“Labor is struggling to manage the budget and is using motorists as cash cows as they continue to make it up as they go,” he said.

“At a time when unemployment is up, jobs are scarce and families are struggling to pay their bills, Queenslanders deserve better.”


Car type What it was (2014-15) If it had gone up by CPI (currently 1.4% in Brisbane) What it will be in 2015-16 under ALP
4-cylinder $280.05 $283.95 $289.95
6-cylinder $443.45 $449.65 $458.95
8-cylinder $620.95 $629.65 $642.70

NOTE – These costs exclude CTP and Traffic Improvement Levy, which also add to car registration bill

[ENDS] 4 June 2015