Labor votes to keep legalizing lies in Parliament

4 Dec 2008 3:25 PMJann Stuckey

4 December 2008
State Government Ministers still have the green light to lie to Parliament after Labor used its numbers to vote down laws proposed by the LNP.

LNP Leader Lawrence Springborg introduced the ‘Truth in Parliament’ Bill to reinstate laws which would ensure politicians who lied to Parliamentary committees would again face potential criminal charges. Mr Springborg said Anna Bligh had promised a new era of openness and accountability when she became Premier, but had failed to back up her words with actions.

“Up until two years ago, Ministers could be prosecuted under criminal law if they deliberately lied to a Parliamentary committee,” he said. “However, after former Health Minister Gordon Nuttall was caught out lying to an Estimates Committee, the Labor Government changed the laws.

“The LNP sought to change the law back to what it was to ensure a more open, honest and transparent Government.

“Queenslanders can’t have any confidence in a State Government which is prepared to sanction its Ministers lying to Parliament and its committees.

“Unfortunately, by voting down the LNP’s laws, Labor has made it clear they can’t trust themselves to tell the truth.”

Mr Springborg vowed to re-introduce the ‘Truth in Parliament’ laws if an LNP Government was elected.