Labor withholds secret Commonwealth Games contract deal

13 Jan 2016 3:56 PMJann Stuckey

Queensland taxpayers are being left in the dark as Labor still refuses to release any details behind its decision to award a foreign company the contract to manage Commonwealth Games opening and closing ceremonies over home-grown businesses.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg today called on Commonwealth Games Minister Stirling Hinchliffe to end the secrecy behind the contract deal.

“Minister Hinchliffe must explain to Queenslanders the reason behind his decision, otherwise all we have is a secret report into a secret decision” Mr Springborg said.

“Labor has neglected Queensland after promising loud and clear Queenslanders and Queensland businesses would reap the benefits of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

“Former Minister Kate Jones proudly proclaimed the baton would be designed by a Queensland company, but we hardly heard a peep when it came to the opening and closing ceremonies, the two biggest events of the Games.

“We had confidence in home-grown talent to manage the opening and closing ceremonies in 1982 and at the closing ceremony in Glasgow 2014, so why does Labor not have the confidence in our home-grown talent nearly 35 years later?

“Minister Hinchliffe should put his money where his mouth is and explain to Queenslanders the truth behind this decision.”

Mr Springborg said if the Minister wouldn’t release the information, the Opposition would move in Parliament a binding motion to ensure it was released to Queenslanders.

Shadow Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey said the Commonwealth Games in 2018 would put the Gold Coast on the international stage and we could not afford for Labor to bungle it.

“The LNP Government committed to ensure Queensland delivered the best Commonwealth Games in history.

“Our procurement policy was launched June 2014, a record early time for a Commonwealth Games and our website had up-to-the-minute information on how to apply for tenders on upcoming jobs.

“We also delivered workshops on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane which were attended by more than 7,000 businesses.

“In stark contrast, Labor’s inexperience and incompetence continues to hold Queensland back.

“Only the LNP can be trusted to deliver projects to create jobs and unleash our state’s true potential.”