Labor’s contempt for Queensland racing deepens

19 Jan 2016 1:35 PMJann Stuckey

As the LNP continues its extensive consultation process with Queensland’s besieged racing industry the Palaszczuk Labor Government remains hostile, resorting to name calling and harassment of clubs.

Shadow Minister for Racing Jann Stuckey held her third racing roundtable in Brisbane today and said the industry frustration was palpable as they felt shut out by the Labor Government.

“In the last six months I’ve held numerous racing round tables, where participants were unanimous in their desire to see the proposed new Racing Integrity Bill 2015 thrown out saying it was unacceptable and lacked industry input,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Industry anger and frustration is growing rapidly as yet another Labor Racing Minister displays contempt and incompetence, presiding over a leaderless and rudderless industry.

“For the best part of twelve months Queensland’s racing industry has been locked out of discussions that affect its future – letters, emails and calls have been met with a wall of silence

“Sloppy practices are leading to mistakes and neither Minister Grace Grace nor the Labor Government seem to care while trainers, jockeys and owners leave Queensland and head south to friendlier pastures.”

Ms Stuckey said there had been numerous examples of wrong information in replies to questions, errors made in the Annual Report, timelines being missed and an admission that the Tracking Sustainability report released in December is already out of date.

“How can anyone believe a single word this government says?,” she said.

“It is outrageous that Minister Grace cannot reveal costs for the proposed Integrity Commission yet says the government has a few million dollars set aside to cover the extra costs of the Commission.

“Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has made a lot of noise about cost blow-outs of up to $28 million in Racing Queensland yet she cannot tell the people of Queensland how much this Commission will cost.

“Minister Grace’s inability, after seven months of talk, to say how much the Integrity Commission will cost is further proof Labor has no plan and haven’t a clue what they are doing to racing.

“It hasn’t taken long for the arrogance and sloppiness that typifies Labor to return.  They mock proper process and make no apology for deliberately supplying false answers.

“Only the LNP has a plan to restore confidence and unleash the true potential of Queensland’s racing industry.”

[ENDS] 19 January 2016