Labor’s Health and Safety laws bow to unions

15 Oct 2015 11:31 AMJann Stuckey

The Palaszczuk Government’s Workplace Health and Safety laws are a testament of their unwavering support to their union mates, rather than a commitment to improve the safety of Queenslanders at work.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey, who spoke on the legislation this week said there were a number of failings in the proposed changes to the Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015.

“After a robust debate in Parliament, it became quite clear this bill was more about appeasing union heavyweights rather than improving the Qld economy, and creating jobs,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Peak industry bodies raised genuine objections to the amendments proposed in this legislation but rather than listen to these concerns the Palaszczuk Government just bowed to the commands of their union mates.

“Key changes to remove the 24-hour right-of-entry notification to none at all and the watering down of penalties for the breach of that right of entry condition, showed Labor is truly captured by the CFMEU.

“When in Government, the LNP introduced the notice requirement for entry to a workplace in April 2014 because we understood the need to level the playing field and provide fairness whilst still recognising the importance of workplace health and safety.”

Ms Stuckey said she was alarmed to learn of disgraceful incidents on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland of Unions misusing their power.

“A union representative came onto a Gold Coast site threatening to shut it down due to a very minor electrical issue. The irony in this story is that the union rep waltzed onto this work site without high Vis or the legally required protection clothing,” she said.

“I was also told of an incident at a mine site where a site manager was told if he put $10,000 in a paper bag and left it behind the bar in the worker’s club he wouldn’t have any trouble.

“Without a 24 hour notice period we are sure to go back to the old days of shutting down work sites without just cause costing those involved an exorbitant amount of money and countless jobs.

“Just like CMFEU tactics at Bond University on the GC where a crane company lost up to $780,000 worth of business.

“Every time a union forces a strike or unjustly shuts down a site, it’s not just the employers being hit, but it’s also the steelies, concreters and other tradesman who don’t take home any wages.

“Labor promised at the 2015 election it would consult with Queenslanders, but it clearly hasn’t bothered when it comes to these laws.

“Queenslanders didn’t vote for this.”

[ENDS] 15 October 2015