Labor’s Tracking Towards Sustainability Plan a flop

12 Feb 2016 4:29 PMJann Stuckey

Labor’s Tracking Towards Sustainability Plan a flop


Queensland’s racing industry faces even more uncertainty with revelations Labor’s Tracking Towards Sustainability Plan (TTS Plan), which is less than two months old, has been withdrawn and is being reviewed.


Shadow Racing Minister Jann Stuckey said it took Labor six months to come up with a plan, supposedly based on consultation, which was already under review two months after its release.


“It would appear the long awaited TTS Plan, which includes $19 million in prize money cuts across all three racing codes, a reduction in country race meets, slashing of jockey riding fees and the reduction in the QTIS breeding scheme, faces the chop,” Ms Stuckey said.


“Minister Grace must immediately explain what is going on and confirm if the TTS has been withdrawn and is under review.


“If that is the case, it proves what many industry insiders said; that the consultation process was a stage-managed farce from the beginning.


“The grossly flawed TTS Plan should be scrapped altogether and new consultation with industry must take place so people can have their say before the Racing Integrity Bill is debated.


“You simply cannot believe a word the Palaszczuk Labor Government says.


“The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and this latest debacle is further proof of Labor’s total disregard for this important industry.


“Confidence in the industry is at an all-time low and this latest show of incompetence reveals just how damaging Labor’s revenge attack on this industry has been.”


Ms Stuckey said rather than listen to industry representatives, the Palaszczuk Labor Government had stalled the growth of racing in Queensland further with its ill-thought out TTS document, which had now been withdrawn.


“Sadly it seems that nothing has changed with the new minister. Despite being responsible for job creation she sits on her hands and watches hundreds, if not thousands of jobs disappear,” she said.


“Queensland’s Racing industry has lost its patience and is now considering its future in Queensland.


“Only the LNP is looking ahead and will help this important industry unleash its full potential.


[ENDS] 8 February 2016