Let NSW pick up the tab for partygoers

12 Jul 2010 1:53 PMJann Stuckey

12 July 2010

Gold Coast ratepayers should not be forced to foot the bill to repatriate late-night NSW revellers, the LNP said today.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey said while she welcomed more public transport services for the area, bus services subsidised by Gold Coast ratepayers should be for the primary benefit of Gold Coast residents.
“Interstate visitors who use public transport already benefit from the annual transport levy paid by Gold Coast ratepayers,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Those same ratepayers should not then be expected to subsidise revellers from south of the border who stay too long without making adequate arrangements for their return journey.

“NSW has short arms and long pockets when it comes to paying its share of transport projects which benefit both sides of the border as the Tugun Bypass proved.”

Ms Stuckey said a better solution would be for venue operators to come to an agreement with councils on both sides of the border.

“Gold Coast ratepayers should not be out of pocket just because NSW partygoers want to have a good time on the Queensland side of the border.”

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