LNP celebrates Queensland women in politics

8 Mar 2011 4:49 PMJann Stuckey

8 March 2011

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day the LNP today celebrated women’s achievements.

Shadow Minister for Women, Jann Stuckey MP said the LNP had led the charge for women’s entry into politics in our State citing a series of historical ‘Queensland Firsts’.
These included the first woman into the Queensland Parliament; the first woman into State Cabinet; the first woman to lead a political party; and the first woman to act as the Premier of Queensland.

“In 1991 the LNPs Joan Sheldon became the first woman to lead a political party in Queensland and in 1996 she became the first female Deputy Premier and first female Treasurer in our State,” said Mrs Stuckey.

“Joan Sheldon was able to retain Queensland’s cherished AAA credit-rating in the middle of the then Asian Economic crisis and ran our State with virtually no debt, brought down a balanced budget and banked money for the future,” she said.

Mrs Stuckey also acknowledged Yvonne Chapman who became the first ever woman to be appointed to the Cabinet when she became Minister for Family Services in 1986”.

“But all these achievements in our State Parliament must not overshadow the election of Irene Longman – the first woman to be elected to our State Parliament,” said Mrs Stuckey.

“In 1929 Irene Longman was elected as member for the Country and Progressive National Party, which we all know was one of the predecessor parties to the Liberal-Nationals.

Mrs Stuckey also acknowledged Justice Unity Dow, the first female justice appointed to the High Court of Botswana who was guest speaker at the UN International Women’s Day breakfast  this morning.

“Justice Unity Dow reaffirms that through education and government investment in the appropriate resources, all young women throughout the world can overcome adversity and develop their potential,” said Mrs Stuckey.

Listing historical LNP initiatives, including the creation of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission and paid maternity leave for women in the public sector, Mrs Stuckey said the LNP was committed to continuing to widen opportunities and encourage the sustained progress of women.

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