LNP listening to Toowoomba small business and tourism operators

20 Sep 2011 10:50 AMJann Stuckey

20 September 2011

THE LNP’s Jann Stuckey will meet with concerned small business and tourism operators in Toowoomba today to hear firsthand the biggest issues facing local industries.

Ms Stuckey said her visit to the Southern Downs was part of the LNP’s commitment to small business and regional tourism.

“I am looking forward to meeting with local Councillors, business and tourism operators face-to-face to listen to their frustrations over soaring Bligh Labor Government charges, levies, taxes and red tape,” said Ms Stuckey.

“This 20 year old Labor Government has made doing business in an already tough economic climate even more difficult.

“Queensland has the highest amount of legislation and rules compared with every other state in Australia – over 80,000 pages.

“In 2009 alone the Labor Government introduced 68 new acts, passed 7928 pages of new or amended legislation, and passed 439 regulations and subordinate legislation – an increase of over 13 percent.  The regulatory burden for Queensland businesses costs owners an extra $780 million.

“To make things worse – Labor’s Anna Bligh and Kerry Shine strongly support Canberra’s Carbon Tax that will force up electricity and water bills, as well as petrol construction costs.

“Small businesses want the Government to get off their back – that’s why I developed the LNP’s small business questionnaire.

“I will be asking Toowoomba business and tourism owners to complete the survey so the LNP can develop policies that will make a real difference to business on the Downs.

“The quick, 5-minute survey is an effective way to hear directly from small businesses in Toowoomba which is the backbone of the economy, and businesses deserves to be heard.

“The LNP will help the great Southern Downs region get going again.

“Under a Can-Do LNP Government, Queenslanders will power Queensland again, not politics,” said Ms Stuckey.

The survey will be available online at www.jannstuckey.com.au and at all LNP Members’ offices.

Media contact: Jann Stuckey 0439 755 919