LNP starts small business survey

2 Jun 2011 11:56 AMJann Stuckey

2 June 2011

The LNP today started a Small Business Questionnaire to hear firsthand the biggest issues facing Queensland’s small businesses.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey started the survey in Rockhampton, saying it was part of the LNP’s commitment to small business.

Ms Stuckey was visiting the region as a guest of Capricorn Tourism and Economic Development Limited.

“This quick, 5-minute survey is an effective way to hear directly from small businesses in every industry across the state about problems facing businesses, and what they would like to see change,” Ms Stuckey said. 

“In particular, the LNP wants to know what State Government regulations and red tape businesses believe are strangling them and preventing their growth. 

“This long-term Labor Government has made doing business in a tough economic climate even more difficult.

“Queensland has the highest amount of legislation and regulations compared with every other state in Australia – over 80,000 pages. 

“Without doubt, businesses are suffering under Labor’s reams of regulation and red tape.

“In 2009 alone the Labor Government introduced 68 new acts, passed 7928 pages of new or amended legislation, and passed 439 regulations and subordinate legislation – an increase of over 13 percent in the regulatory burden for Queensland businesses at an additional cost of $780 million.

“We know small businesses want the Government to get off their back – an LNP Government will deliver and this survey gives businesses the opportunity to tell us how they want it done.

“Sectors representing all industries are invited to have their say. Many tourism operators are small businesses too and we know they are doing it particularly tough at the moment.

“Small business is the backbone of our economy and it deserves to be heard.

“Under a Can-Do LNP Government, Queenslanders will power Queensland again, not politics.

The survey will be available online at www.jannstuckey.com.au and at all LNP Members’ offices.