LNP to Fund Research Program for Currumbin Estuary

19 Mar 2009 11:37 AMJann Stuckey

19 March 2009

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP and Shadow Minister for Sustainable Environment and Climate Change, David Gibson MP today announced the LNP’s commitment to help fund a Currumbin Estuary Research Program.

“Our Volunteer Marine Rescue has been pleading for action from the State Government for years from a safety perspective as sand siltation from Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass Project (TRESBP) has clogged the estuary,” said Ms Stuckey.

“A commitment from the LNP of $340,000 is great news and highlights the stark contrast between us and Labor who have flatly refused to do anything to find a remedy.

“I have been calling for action for over 6 years now and the situation has worsened to a stage where something must be done to address this build-up of sand.

“All our pleas to date have fallen on deaf ears as the Labor Government is unwilling to accept any responsibility for this waterway, saying it’s not a navigable channel.

“The research program will investigate historical changes affecting the Currumbin bar and aims to correlate dredging and coastal management activities while also examining the flow and sediment characteristics and alternative technology that will allow for cost effective approaches to channel maintenance.

“Surely with 16,000 vessels crossing the bar each year, a maritime beacon and groyne, plus a group of committed marine volunteers who guard the bar at all hours of the day and night according to the tides; this research program is deserving.

“The Labor Government has shown nothing but contempt for safety of the general public nor have they shown any gratitude for the efforts of these dedicated individuals who give up their time selflessly.

“The LNP recognises the enormous efforts of our Volunteer Marine Rescue and the countless residents and visitors who enjoy the unique recreational activities this location provides,” said Mr Gibson.
“We have made a commitment to address problems caused by TRESBP at Kirra and other southern beaches and sand issues at Currumbin all fall within the scope of this project.