LNP to restore Kirra to former glory

27 Feb 2009 12:04 PMJann Stuckey

27 February 2009

A LNP Government will restore Kirra Beach and find a permanent solution to the long running problems caused by the Tweed Sand Bypass project, LNP Leader Lawrence Springborg announced today.

Mr Springborg was joined by LNP Member for Currumbin, tireless Kirra advocate Jann Stuckey and LNP Candidate for Burleigh Michael Hart at Kirra Beach this afternoon, to announce a $1.5M sand relocation program, linked to an environmental audit of the long term impacts of pumping.

“Overnight, the ALP has cobbled together a plan to bulldoze sand away from the reef,” Mr Springborg said. “But our proposal goes beyond the immediate band aid to find a long term balance in the sand pumping program.”

Mr Springborg said that under the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project Agreement Act 1998, the Queensland Government can order the New South Wales Government to suspend pumping for up to four weeks, where serious environmental damage has occurred.

“Once sand has been cleared away from the reef, an LNP government will utilise the Sand Pumping Agreement Act to halt pumping while the audit identifies the best long term solution,” he said.

Options were likely to include:

1. An enhanced two-site monitoring program to balance sand build-up
at the Tweed and at Kirra, using timed interruptions to pumping.
2. Changes to the design of the pumping outlet – to allow its
regular relocation. 

“The ALP stood by for years while Kirra Reef disappeared under a deluge of sand,” Mrs Stuckey said. “Now, three weeks from an election, they propose a short term scheme that’s more about saving Labor than saving Kirra.”

“A LNP Government will be the only Government to take the environmental and beach amenity issues of Kirra seriously.”

The LNP is committed to including local input with regular community consultation throughout the audit and into the future.
Key Points:

* Sand will be relocated away from the reef to form dunes behind
the beachfront.

1 Sand pumping from the Tweed River will be suspended for four

2 A comprehensive audit undertaken by the EPA will be carried out
over this four week period.

3 The Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project Agreement Act
1998 gives power to the State of Queensland to do this.

4 Relevant section of the act are:

* Schedule 1, Part 3, s8.10.4

* Schedule 1, Part 3, s10.12