LNP tourism strategy lauded by industry

28 Nov 2011 12:37 PMJann Stuckey

28 November 2011

The LNP’s 20 year plan to get Queensland tourism back on track has been widely applauded by tourism industry leaders as a strong pathway forward for a sector vital to the state’s economy.

Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said Queensland’s tourism industry had long been the envy of the rest of Australia, but had suffered under the policies of the tired, 20 year old Labor Government.

“The LNP is committed to getting tourism back on track through a commonsense plan that includes growing overnight visitor spending in Queensland to $30 billion by 2020, co-ordinated decision making in government and a special unit to encourage investment and infrastructure development,” she said.

“Tourism is one of the four pillars an LNP Government would grow to reinvigorate Queensland’s economy and I am pleased that our strategy has struck a chord with industry leaders.”

Key comments from tourism industry leaders about the LNP strategy include:

• “We think it sets a high bar for policy debate in the lead up to the election. I don’t think we’ve seen an Opposition with such a comprehensive document prior to an election before and we think it allows us as an industry to engage the policy debate.”
 – Daniel Gschwind, Queensland Tourism Industry Council, media conference, 23 November 2011

• “AFTA welcomes the strategy, as it outlines a large number of positive initiatives to build the Queensland tourism industry and articulates a strategy that will support jobs and growth for the tourism industry in Queensland.

“The LNP has a sound strategy and it is encouraging to see tourism take centre stage to their plans for the future of Queensland.”   – Jayson Westbury, Australian Federation of Travel Agents Chief Executive, media release, 24 November 2011

• “Elevating tourism to a senior Cabinet position and appointing a tourism Co-ordinator General shows that the LNP is serious about reaching that (overnight tourism expenditure) target.

“We’re also pleased to see that an LNP government has committed to working with industry to identify tourism infrastructure priorities, along with a greater emphasis on destination level research. – Tourism and Transport Forum Chief Executive John Lee, media release, 23 November 2011

• “The LNP’s tourism strategy could help put the industry back at the forefront. … Under this strategy, we look forward to less impost on our industry and more support for our industry. This means tourism operators can spend more time and resources attracting and welcoming visitors to our beautiful state.” – Caravanning Queensland CEO Ron Chapman, media release, 23 November 2011

Ms Stuckey said while industry had welcomed the LNP’s strategy, Labor was more obsessed with nitpicking over a few photos than the plan itself.

“Labor couldn’t fault the LNP’s policy and this quibbling political nitpicking confirms what a majority of Queenslanders know – this tired 20 year old Labor Government has no alternative plans for the future and doesn’t deserve another term,” she said.

“Labor Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt has confirmed today that all she does is look at the pretty pictures and inspect signs, when what the tourism sector needs is some real planning for the future.

“Only an LNP Government has tourism as one of its four pillars for growth to get Queensland back on track.”

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