LNP Will Ease Cost of Living Pressures

18 Nov 2011 10:55 AMJann Stuckey

18 November 2011

Speaking in State Parliament this week, Member for Currumbin and Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business, Jann Stuckey MP condemned rising cost of living pressures caused by the Bligh Labor Government.

“Cost of living has undoubtedly become the single biggest issue affecting Currumbin residents and businesses in the electorate,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Under the Bligh Labor Government, the cost of electricity, water, petrol, car rego, public transport, and the cost of doing business have increased dramatically. 

“Residents, business and organisations in Currumbin know what the Labor Government’s bungled water reform has left us with – a now inactive $1.2 billion desal plant and a 20% increase on water bills.

“Queensland is also the most expensive state to own and operate a car, with registration up 24% over the last 3 years, drivers licence fees set to double to $152, and an extra 9.2c per litre fuel tax – that the Premier promised not to introduce at the last election.

“On top of this, electricity prices have soared 63% in the last 5 years, another broken promise from a Premier that declared “no-one would be worse off” under the Labor Government’s electricity reforms.

“The cost of child care is also set to increase under new national childcare standards and regulations that were supported by the Bligh Government despite the LNP flagging concerns with the additional costs these will impose on Queensland families.

“Meanwhile, business owners are reeling from the blow out of red tape and regulations under the Bligh Government, increasing from 70,000 pages of regulation in 2007 to now over 90,000. 

“The annual cost to business from this state based legislation has increased from $4.8 billion in 2007 to currently over $7 billion a year in taxes, fees and other charges.

“This will only get worse when the Government’s Waste Levy commences on 1 December – an early Christmas present that will slug businesses a further $35 – $150 a tonne for their waste disposal, at a time when businesses are doing it tough.

“An LNP government has a Four Point Plan to reduce water bills, will freeze electricity tariffs and the cost of car rego for its first term in Government, saving the average Queensland family $250 to $330 a year.

“We will reduce the cost of commuting for loyal public transport users by reintroducing discounted weekly fares for go card users.

“And we will repeal the Bligh Government’s industry Waste Levy that will see business costs rising through the roof.

“An LNP Government will work for Queenslanders, not for ourselves.