LNP’s Economic Blueprint will get Cairns and FNQ jobs back on track

7 Mar 2012 2:59 PMJann Stuckey

7 March 2012

THE LNP’s economic blueprint will cut payroll tax, red tape and regulation to give small businesses in Cairns and Far North Queensland the power to create more jobs and get government off their backs, LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said today.

In FNQ and Cairns tomorrow (Thursday 8/3) to attend the launch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland’s ‘Big 3 for Business’ Ms Stuckey said local LNP candidates Michael Trout (Barron River), Gavin King (Cairns), David Kempton (Cook) and Robyn Quick (Mulgrave) were all strongly supporting the LNP’s blueprint which would see payroll tax cut by raising the exemption threshold from $1 million to $1.6 million over six years and red tape slashed.

“Michael Trout, Gavin King, David Kempton and Robyn Quick all understand that their local small businesses are the engine room of their local economy and the key creator of jobs,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Under the tired, 20-year Labor government, Cairns and Far North Queensland now have a higher rate of unemployment than the rest of Queensland – over the past three years it’s averaged 9.5 per cent which is just not good enough.

“Our payroll tax cut will provide more job opportunities and job security for families.”

Ms Stuckey said the LNP’s payroll tax cut will create over 4000 new jobs for Queenslanders and mean less red tape for businesses.

“The LNP is committed to reducing unemployment in Queensland to 4 per cent in six years. Our cuts to payroll tax and red tape are a necessary step in the right direction to make this happen.

“We are also committed to a series of Fiscal Principles to control spending, return the budget to surplus by 2014-15, and pay down Labor’s $85 billion debt.”

Ms Stuckey said a strong and united LNP Government would establish a Commission of Audit within the first 100 days to chart a path back to the AAA credit rating lost under Labor.

“The LNP is strongly committed to working with local businesses and industries to get the Cairns economy pumping again.

“We’ve already committed $40 million to deepen Trinity Inlet to allowed larger cruise ships and other ships, including navy and freighters direct access to Cairns Port.

“This will provide a real boost for Cairns and for FNQ tourism along with our Aviation Strategy ($8m) that will support the management of Cairns International Airport work to attract more direct flights for international and domestic visitors.”

“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”