M1 Delays Are Labor’s Legacy

22 Mar 2010 3:32 PMJann Stuckey

22 March 2010

Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin has slammed the State Government’s accusation that the Howard Government was to blame for the delays in the widening of the M1.

“Minister for Main Roads, Craig Wallace should do a bit more homework before he blames the Howard Government for delays to Queensland road upgrades,” Ms Stuckey said.

“After all it was the Coalition that built the M1 in its only term in office in the last 20 years.

“Margaret May and Steven Ciobo, members of the Howard Government, committed $120 million to the Tugun Bypass back in 2003 when the cost for the project was $240 million.

“They put their money up front and on the table while state Labor dithered.

“It was the utter incompetence of the NSW and Queensland Labor Governments who could not agree on this project that stalled it and allowed excessive cost blow-outs.

“We, the residents, were caught in the middle of this impasse which saw Peter Beattie write to residents saying he had identified a new route – the B4, named after himself.

“This would have required the resumption of a number of homes and would have been built east of the airport and parallel to the Gold Coast Highway.

“Needless to say it was unpopular and eventually did not proceed, as heavy lobbying resulted in the C4 (western) route we have today.

“In another instance of gross waste the Government built an interchange at Stewart Road at a cost of around $19 million in 2004, which was dismantled a couple of years later.

“This shameful waste of taxpayer’s money was further proof of Labor’s hopeless capacity to plan for infrastructure, combined with poor decision making that has left our great state carrying massive debt.  

“When we finally got the bypass after almost 20 years it came with the title of being the most expensive road in Australia.

“Still there is no interchange on the M1 at Tugun where it is desperately required, and where money would have been well spent.


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