M1 Upgrade Needs Bypassed by Palaszczuk Again

20 Jan 2017 12:00 AMJann Stuckey

December’s updated Infrastructure Pipeline Report from the Palaszczuk Government has again failed to recognise the need for upgrades to the M1, leaving the congested southern Gold Coast section out of its top 20 most important projects list.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey says this is a complete slap in the face for southern Gold Coasters who face gridlock on a daily basis.

“The Government haven’t just bypassed the need to widen the M1 from Varsity to Tugun, they’ve completely ignored the people of this region.”

Ms Stuckey says this report is proof that the Palaszczuk Government doesn’t care about the people of Currumbin or the Gold Coast.

“The Palaszczuk Government doesn’t give a toss that locals are losing money and precious time sitting in congestion on the M1 every day, leaving businesses and families to count the cost.

“This Labor Government is completely self-absorbed and incompetent. The Main Roads Minister is ignoring the needs of our Currumbin community, the Transport Minister is failing Queenslanders when it comes to public transport and the Child Safety Minister is failing our state’s most vulnerable children.

“Recently I collected more than 10,000 signatures calling on the Government to widen the M1, yet we’ve once again been snubbed.

“What’s more, the Minister can’t even prove his Government are seriously considering widening the M1 past Varsity Lakes in the foreseeable future,” said Ms Stuckey.

Mark Bailey claims “upgrading of this section of the M1 has been identified as a priority investment within the next 10 years in the Draft Brisbane to Gold Coast Transport Investment Strategy.”

“Following further investigations I discovered that this Investment Strategy is still in drafting phase and ten years away from realisation,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Labor has stolen M1 funds from us before. In 2007 the money for M1 upgrades was secured from John Howard, but Kevin Rudd stole it to use further north.

“You can’t believe a word this Main Roads Minister says. His own department is telling us that this report is still in its drafting phase and still requires finalisation and approval from him, yet he is trying to fool us that the upgrade is in the pipeline.”