Minister Fobs Off Currumbin Bar Again

5 Oct 2011 10:19 AMJann Stuckey

5 October 2011

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, has called on the State Government to pull its head out of the sand and reveal its position on the management of the Currumbin Bar.

“As the annual council dredging campaign at the mouth of the Currumbin Creek is set to commence, it is now more critical than ever for the State Government to end their ongoing impasse over responsibility for the Currumbin bar,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Despite ordering a Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) report to investigate risk-mitigation options in the dangerous bar following a death in May, the Minister has left the people of Currumbin in the dark. 

“All we have heard from the Minister recently was a castaway comment saying there are hundreds of local bars across Queensland and it would be financially impossible to dredge them all.

“But how many bars have 6,500 boats crossing every year?

“How many others have a groyne, a Volunteer Marine Rescue, and a maritime beacon? How many boast a famous surf break?

“And how many others have had a fatality as tragic as we witnessed this year in May, a fatality just waiting to happen due to the dangers created by high sand siltation.

“The family of Richard King, the surfer killed by a boat in the Currumbin bar, have contacted me and urged me to continue to apply pressure on the State Government to investigate options for improving safety in the bar.  

“Despite the highly anticipated MSQ report on the bar being released in June, no word has been heard from the Minister as to how, or even if, the Government will respond. 

“I have written to the Minister asking for the Government’s response to the MSQ report, and to seek his consideration of the pleas of the King family for something to finally be done to prevent any further fatalities.

“A decade of pleas from the local Volunteer Marine Rescue, community groups and individuals have fallen on deaf ears.

“If the death of a surfer cannot spur this government into action, what will?