Minister must lift his game on Cyclist Safety

27 Apr 2018 9:49 AMJann Stuckey Minister must lift his game on Cyclist Safety

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has called on Roads Minister Mark Bailey to take cyclists safety more seriously after calls for road improvements on Currumbin Creek Road where Commonwealth Games events took place. 

“Ongoing concerns from residents about cyclist safety on this dangerous section of road prompted me to write to the Labor government three times since October last year requesting a number of measures to better protect cyclists and other road users along narrow parts of Currumbin Creek Road,” Ms Stuckey said. 

“These include an education campaign on cyclist safety, additional cyclist warning signage and a dedicated cycle lane. 

“The recent installation of additional cyclist warning signage on the road is a good start but much more is needed. 

“Cyclists are dicing with death by riding along sections of Currumbin Creek Road that are so narrow they do not provide any protections for them. 

“After requests from local residents for establishment of a bike lane at this location I asked the Minister to consider one that would provide vehicles with safe room to pass, and give cyclists peace of mind and a safer route to cycle.

“Last week Minister Bailey wrote to me to say that it is not possible to add a cycle lane to that section of road without undertaking major widening works.  

“The Minister can’t be serious about cyclist safety when on the one hand he promotes cycling and with the other he refuses to provide a safer cycling environment. 

“I’m calling on him to lift his game in the name of cycling safety. He was happy to swan around at events during the Commonwealth Games, however if there had been a cycling accident on this section of road in the lead up to the Games he would have some explaining to do. 

“I invite him to come and cycle on this section of Currumbin Creek Road and then tell the Currumbin community that a dedicated cycle lane and education campaign aren’t needed.  

[ENDS] 27/04/2018  Media contact: James Owen M: 0415 561701