8 Oct 2008 11:42 AMJann Stuckey

October 8 2008

LNP Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has today slammed the Minister for Police for her offhand and misleading comments in Parliament yesterday about assisting police apprehend hoons and impound cars by utilising the Currumbin Hoon Watch form.

“In calling this initiative a desperate measure the Minister snubs a successful NSW police program and mocks over 3000 residents who responded to a local survey in my electorate,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Rather, it is the Minister and the Bligh Labor Government who are desperate, so desperate they choose to play politics with a serious issue and insult our officers and QLD citizens.”

“My local police have indicated their support and welcomed this helpful initiative and aren’t worried whether it is authorised in QLD or not. They are grossly under-resourced and are happy to have the community’s help on this escalating problem.”

“The Minister said that ‘we are doing the best job in Australia’ yet the alarming statistics published in the Queensland Police Union Journal, September 2008 issue by Sergeant (Sgt) Leon Staines of the Gold Coast Traffic Branch tell a different story.”

“According to the 2007 data, Queensland has only 4% of traffic police as a percentage of total sworn police, the second lowest rate in Australia.”

“It would appear that the Acting Premier and the Police Minister have seen fit to ridicule a 3 year request from police to have a QPS website specifically designed for residents to report hooning.”

“As well as this the QPS data shows that Queensland’s traffic police numbers are misrepresented in reporting and the true number of operational on-road traffic police is overstated.”

“Unlike the silent Labor members on the Gold Coast, Hoon Watch has been well received by both the public and the police as a proactive initiative which recognises and responds to the concerns of residents, and assists our police to apprehend offenders, save lives and improve our community road safety in general.”

“This government is soft on crime and tough on police!”

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