Minister won’t reveal cost to replace Tugun bypass panels

22 Jul 2009 3:24 PMJann Stuckey

22 July 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey claims the Labor Government are dragging their feet to find solutions to ongoing vandalism of glass noise panels along the Tugun bypass.

“In reply to a Parliamentary question on notice, the Minister for Main Roads told me that as an evaluation process is still underway it wasn’t possible to estimate the cost of replacing panels,” said Ms Stuckey
“There are about 60 broken panels to date and 18 of these are being progressively replaced. Surely they know the cost, if they don’t they jolly well should.

“This highlights once again the incapacity of the Bligh Labor Government to manage our economy.

“If they cannot even cost a replacement noise panel before they replace it, how can they manage the state’s economy?

“Behaviour like this is the hallmark of this Government. From the Premier down, Ministers avoid giving a straight answer and drag out the problem for as long as possible.

“The people of Queensland deserve better than this.

“How long does it take to investigate options for vandal-resistant materials?

“There are hundreds of kilometres of noise panels in Queensland constructed by the Department of Main Roads.

“One way to fix the problem at Tugun may be to consider a surface on which a mural can be painted.

“Businesses such as Phantast run terrific programs often utilizing unemployed young people who can exhibit their artistic talents in a positive way.

“I don’t know any business that purchases products without first agreeing to a price, but it seems that’s how the Labor government operate.

“It is no wonder that we are in such debt in this state and all Queenslanders will have to pay the price for years to come.”


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