Minister’s out of touch tourism advice

5 Sep 2011 11:17 AMJann Stuckey

03 September 2011

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism Jann Stuckey has slammed Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt for her patronising and insensitive advice for tourism businesses already battling to stay afloat amid a sea of red tape.

“Ms Jarratt’s comments ‘that those businesses that put the hard yards in and work innovatively and provide good service are giving themselves the edge in this market’ show just how devoid of ideas she is for Queensland’s ailing tourism industry,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Queensland’s tourism operators have long known that good service is a crucial part to business survival, but they are snowed under with government red tape and high government charges.

“It’s time the minister woke up to the fact that a large part of the tourism industry is doing it tough – and they need help, not arrogant advice.”

Ms Stuckey said Minister Jarratt had failed to plan ahead and that her unbridled support for the Carbon Tax would only squeeze Queensland tourism harder.

“Labor’s carbon tax will force up the cost of flights, accommodation and transport, and all tourism operators will bear the brunt of the increased cost of operating.

“Ms Jarratt needs to stand up for tourism operators and demand Julia Gillard and Anna Bligh drop this onerous tax because it will only hurt Queensland tourism further.

“No matter how hard someone works to make a go of their business and how good their customer service is, if the input costs are as much as the money coming over the counter, then tourism operators can’t make a decent living.

“The CanDo LNP government will oppose the Carbon Tax and work with tourism operators to develop a plan to encourage and revive tourism in Queensland.”

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