New laws help clean up our neighbourhoods

12 Aug 2013 10:39 AMJann Stuckey

7 August 2013

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has spoken in strong support of legislation that demonstrates the Newman Government’s ongoing commitment to getting tough on law and order issues in Queensland.

During debate of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill (No.2) 2012 that passed through state parliament last night Ms Stuckey said, “Drug traffickers are the scum of our society for the misery they inflict, and they will now be mandated to serve at least 80% of their sentence before being eligible for parole.

“Toughening penalties for adults who supply drugs to children under 16 years is in line with the LNP’s commitment to making Queensland the safest place to raise a child.

“Supplying a child with schedule 1 drugs including heroin and amphetamines will carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. The supply of a schedule 2 drug such as cannabis to a child will now see a maximum penalty of 25 years.

“Penalties for graffiti offences were also toughened, with the introduction of a Graffiti Removal Order which will see all offenders convicted of a graffiti offence mandated to undertake a certain number of hours removing graffiti.

“This sends a clear message to those who participate in this unacceptable behaviour – if you choose to deface property, you will clean it up.

“The maximum penalty for all graffiti offences has been increased from 5 to 7 years, because all graffiti is a serious and punishable crime.

“Graffiti is a disgrace to our local communities and it is about time those who participate in this anti-social and unacceptable behaviour are put to task over their actions.

“In 2010 I launched the Graffiti Watch initiative, and I encourage all residents to visit my website, download a copy of the form and assist in the process of having the graffiti removed swiftly and the offenders caught.

“The LNP are serious and unapologetic in our commitment to the good people of Queensland to clean up their streets and make their neighbourhoods safe.


Link to the debate, begins page 100