New safety signs at Currumbin

5 Mar 2014 2:55 PMJann Stuckey

Hal, Jann, Chris and Gary unveiling the new safety signage at Currumbin Alley

21 February 2014

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, Gold Coast Waterways Authority Chairman, Gary Baildon, CEO Hal Morris and Chris Butler of Surfrider Foundation, today unveiled new safety signs at Currumbin Alley.

“In September we announced the Currumbin Estuary Safety Awareness Campaign, supported by our community, which encompassed a raft of initiatives focused on improving the safety of all users at this beautiful waterway,” Ms Stuckey said. 

“Following educational activities and the installation of CCTV cameras it is pleasing to see this collaboration and ongoing commitment to safety through these new signs that clearly and succinctly warn users of the dangers of our popular estuary.”

Hal Morris, CEO of Gold Coast Waterways Authority said the signs are an important element of the campaign.  “We have developed and funded the signs in partnership with the City of Gold Coast and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners on this and other important initiatives.”

Chris Butler from Surfrider Foundation said it was good to finally see some signage here that warns surfers of impending dangers with boats.

“I understand similar signage has also been installed at boat ramps educating boaties of potential dangers with other water users in the estuary.  This is part of an ongoing program that will ensure continual awareness is put out there for all recreational users of this very popular waterway,” Mr Butler said.

There are five signs displayed at Currumbin Alley, Lacey’s Lane, South Palm Beach, Thrower Drive boat ramp and Winders Park boat ramp.