Newman Government eases burden on SEQ Council Water Businesses

11 Jul 2012 2:26 PMJann Stuckey

11th July 2012

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, has congratulated the Newman Government for the passage of the South East Queensland Water (Distribution Retail and Restructuring) Amendment Bill 2012 through parliament.

Speaking in State Parliament yesterday, Ms Stuckey voiced her support for the introduction of legislation that will give council-owned water businesses in the south east the flexibility to manage their staff in the same way as any other employer.

“This is the ninth piece of legislation arising from the previous Labor government’s ill-fated water reform since 2006,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Labor’s shameful decisions that resulted in the seizure of South-East Queensland water assets from councils have continued to cost taxpayers, with countless Currumbin residents contacting my office expressing their outrage at their expensive water bills.

“This bill removes the special industrial relations measures, primarily two workforce frameworks mandated by the Labor government, and will effectively allow water business to manage their employees in the same way as any other organisation or business.

“The people of the Currumbin electorate have suffered no end due to the sheer incompetence of the former government in managing water supply through the ill-fated water grid and the Tugun Desalination plant.

“The LNP are serious in our efforts to assess and deliver lower-cost water services to Queenslanders and ultimately ease cost of living pressures.

“The passage of this legislation through parliament allows councils to manage and plan their own water business and meet the needs of the customers. And what bigger need is there then price relief – a relief that residents were never going to get under the arrogant Bligh Labor Government?

“Untangling the expensive, ineffective and massive water debacle that the Labor government created is not going to be an easy task, but we have a plan and we are committed to getting Queensland back on track.

“These amendments are a clear example of a government committed to easing the cost of living for families.


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