Newman Government protects our police officers

22 Aug 2012 2:23 PMJann Stuckey

22 August 2012

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has spoken in strong support for legislation that toughens penalties for criminals and protects police officers in Queensland.

In support of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2012 that passed through state parliament this week, Ms Stuckey said, “This bill shows our commitment to fulfilling another one of our pre-election pledges – that is, to toughen sentences for murder, evading police and serious assaults committed upon Queensland police officers.

“This bill, amongst a number of actions, inserts a new minimum nonparole period of 25 years imprisonment for the offence of murdering a police officer and doubles the maximum penalty for the serious assault of a police officer to 14 years.

“Provisions to increase the penalty for serious assaults on police are long overdue. We recognise that it is about time police officers got the protection that they rightly deserve.

“Through the passage of this bill our brave officers can now be confident they finally have a government behind them, supporting them in the performance of their duties.

“For years the Labor government took our police for granted but the LNP values their sterling efforts.

“Our officers deserve the support of the government and comfort in the knowledge that those who seriously assault or murder a police officer will face lengthy punishment.

“Courts now have the statutory ability to provide adequate penalties for criminals and in doing so provide the protection our police officers and community deserve.

“The Newman Government is committed to working towards a solution to the law and order problem and delivering other election promises to revitalize our front-line services.

“As our Premier has stated, criminals should be afraid of this LNP government. They should clean up their act or get out of Queensland.

The Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2012 will:
• Double the maximum penalty for serious assault on a police officer from 7 to 14 years;
• Introduce a new offence for the murder of a police officer with a non-parole period of 25 years;
• And increases evade police penalties to a mandatory $5,000 and two years loss of licence.
• Increase the non-parole period for murder from 15 to 20 years imprisonment (for a single murder) and from 20 to 30 years imprisonment for multiple murders.


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