No sign of Adoption

5 Dec 2008 3:43 PMJann Stuckey

Despite promising to have ‘Adoption Legislation’ before Parliament by the end of the year the Bligh government’s Child Safety Minister has failed again, the LNP said today.

LNP child safety spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said for more than a year Child Safety Minister Margaret Keech had done little except slug inter-country adoption applicants with a doubling of adoption charges.

“Instead of dealing with a staff exodus of more than 30 per cent, an overly bureaucratic department where only one in four staff are actually perform frontline child safety work, and an ever-increasing number of intakes to the Department, the Minister has failed to  deliver her promised legislation to introduce new adoption laws,” Mrs Stuckey said.

“Interested parties have been waiting six years for the promised legislation that was to follow this lengthy review process.

“They’ve been dealt a bitter blow from a Minister with no heart and certainly no drive to bring about the change that’s needed to reform Queensland’s archaic legislation.

“The Premier has acknowledged her Government’s failure to reform the Adoption Act 1964 in a timely manner.

” Furthermore, the Premier has also acknowledged the need to take the issue out of the ‘too hard basket’ yet there is no sign of any action despite empty promises from the Minister.”

Mrs Stuckey said new legislation was needed as Queensland’s laws were out of date and out of touch.

5 December 2008
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