NSW finally pays for Tugun bypass

4 Jun 2018 12:07 PMJann Stuckey NSW finally pays for Tugun bypass

NSW finally pays for Tugun bypass 
Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey has been waiting a decade for NSW to start paying its dues for the Tugun bypass, saying Queensland’s neighbours paid nothing for its construction in 2008 even though sixty per cent of the road was in their state. 
“After ten years of paying nothing for the Tugun bypass responsibility for its operation and maintenance has finally been handed over to New South Wales Government” said Ms Stuckey. 
“The NSW section of road and the Tugun bypass tunnel were handed over to NSW Roads and Marine Safety (RMS) at 12.01am on 3 June. 
“This road has cost Queensland taxpayers a fortune – it cost over $540 million to build and has cost us $70 million to operate and upkeep - $70 million that could have been better spent fixing the M1 congestion. 
“Queensland roads minister Mark Bailey informed me that an official handover ceremony was not planned but that’s hardly surprising as the Labor government wouldn’t want to remind people of their incompetence and the massive cost blow-outs associated with this project. 
“Southern Gold Coast residents waited over 20 years for this road which is part of the M1 or Pacific Motorway, and we paid dearly for it because of bickering between two Labor state governments. 
“Costs blew out from an initial $55 million to around $543 million with the Labor NSW government refusing to contribute financially to the road.  
“Then Premier, Peter Beattie, gave the excuse that the New South Wales Government imposed additional approval conditions that bumped up the price tag. 
“I don’t know why people think Beattie was a good negotiator as he failed miserably on this deal. 
“The Tugun bypass ended up being funded 78 per cent by the Qld state government and 22 per cent by the federal government and not a cent from NSW. 
“In fact they tried to slug Queensland $235,607.40 as a land tax bill for building part of the bypass on NSW land – what a hide! 
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