Party boat founders on Labor’s red-tape reef

16 Nov 2011 4:26 PMJann Stuckey

16 November 2011

BRISBANE’S much-loved The Island Party Boat foundered this week on Labor’s red-tape.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey questioned Labor’s Small Business Minister Jan Jarratt why she allowed the river cruise business to sink.

“Why has the Minister allowed red tape and regulation to drive Brisbane’s iconic The Island Party Boat to the wall, after it spent $100,000 complying with an exhaustive list of government red tape over more than eight months,” Ms Stuckey asked the Minister.

Ms Stuckey said the saga of the small business being sunk was the epitome of what was wrong in Queensland under the tired, 20-year Labor government.

“This out of touch Minister and her incompetent government sat by and did nothing to assist this iconic small business – a business that has struggled to comply with red-tape and regulation having spent $100,000 to meet the long, long compliance list.

“Instead of a Minister with an open door, trying to assist struggling businesses, we have in Queensland a Minister who does nothing.

“The government’s Office of Regulatory Efficiency has spectacularly failed to cut red tape, and the best the Minister can do is hand the job to a single bureaucrat to deal with the 90,000 pages of regulation that small business has to deal with every day.”

Ms Stuckey said the saga of The Island Party Boat was a disgrace and symbolised the absolute failure of the Minister and long-term Labor to support small business in Queensland.

“This is a government that wasted the opportunity of a boom and racked up $85 billion in debt and stands idly by while small business founders and real jobs are lost.

“The only way to cut red tape and get small business pumping again is to change the government – Anna Bligh and Labor, not this time.

“Only the LNP will restore accountability in government.”