Petition calls for Tugun Desal compensation

20 May 2009 3:54 PMJann Stuckey

20 May 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP today tabled a petition calling on the Government to guarantee that properties and streets to be restored to their original condition before the Tugun desalination plant construction.

The petition also seeks the relocation of the Tugun Football club which is literally sinking and its amenities are deteriorating at an alarming rate.

 “An increasing number of residents in Currumbin, Tugun and Currumbin Waters are raising concerns about damage to their homes, which they believe was caused as a result of disruptions that occurred during the building of the Tugun desalination plant,” said Ms Stuckey

“These residents and members of the Tugun Football Club feel that they have been left behind now that the construction team have moved on and they asked me to bring their plight to the attention of the state government.

“A total of 432 people signed this petition in the hope that the government will listen to their grievances and their claims and make sure there is money left over from this project to fix the problems.

“People are becoming increasingly worried about a lack of communication with authorities and feel their pleas for restitution to their homes and club are being ignored.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the construction phases of the desalination plant and laying of the pipelines caused high levels of vibration which were felt through the areas that were directly affected.

“I have visited a number of residents homes and also the football club to inspect their claims of damage.

“I didn’t need to be an engineer to work out that this constant vibration and shaking would have an effect on the surrounding buildings.

“All these residents want is for their homes and property to be restored to the condition they were before construction of the plant begun and an assurance from the state government that they will not desert them.

“The construction of the Tugun desalination plant caused the people in the Currumbin electorate huge disruptions to their lives for a period of two years.  Surely they deserve to be treated better than this.

“The government have a lot of questions to answer about this plant which has the hallmarks of another failure of this Labor Government to properly manage big projects.


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