Petition to Oppose Recreational Snapper Tax

23 Dec 2010 3:47 PMJann Stuckey

23 December 2010

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP has informed recreational fishers there is a petition available opposing the introduction of further permit or licence fees for snapper fishing in Queensland.

“The Labor Government has recently announced it is considering introducing recreational fishing permits for snapper and other rocky reef fish species,” said Ms Stuckey.

“As a result of Bligh’s economic mismanagement, Labor now is so hard up for cash that they want to tax fish.

“The LNP has launched a petition against the government’s proposed annual snapper permit fee which, if adopted, could gouge recreational fishers between $70 and $90 each year.

“Implementation of this proposed tax would commence in 2011-12 if approved.

“These proposals are an assault on Queenslanders’ lifestyle and I urge anyone who wets a line to join the fight and stop this new tax before it gets off the ground.

“The LNP recognizes the importance of recreational fishing to Queenslanders and that’s why we are opposed to this tax. 

“The Opposition has also promised that an LNP government will put a freeze on registration increases for recreational boat trailers as well.

“With over 750,000 recreational fishers in Queensland, this new tax is another slug for the people in our state to bear.

“The e-petition will be available on the Queensland Parliament website until 14 February 2011.

A link to the e-petition is: –