Police beat opens at Pines Shopping centre

11 Jun 2009 3:43 PMJann Stuckey

11 June 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey is pleased to announce the opening of a police beat at The Pines Shopping Centre on Wednesday 10th June.

“This is a great outcome for residents and businesses and for all people using and working at the shopping centre who wanted it to remain a safe and friendly environment,” Ms Stuckey said.

“It highlights what can be achieved with proper community consultation and co-operation with our police and shopping centre management.

“In the end we did not need any interference or help from the Government and  shows how a spirit of willingness can resolve a potential problem.

“I tabled a petition in Queensland Parliament on the 23rd of April signed by 1214 people stating the need for a police beat within the shopping centre due to instances of unruly youth and already we have a result.

“The Booth will operate several sessions per week at peak times with police officers and Volunteers in Police (VIPs) there to assist people with any questions or issues, as well as keeping a watchful eye on the centre.

“A police presence in the form of a police beat will send a strong message to those in the community who set out to deliberately do the wrong thing that the centre is off-limits.

“Numerous customers approached the police on the first day of the beat operating with local issues, words of support and useful information.

“Outcomes such as this are a great example of the positive benefits of linking our community with our hard working police force.


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