QFleet fuel bungle embarrasses Schwarten

4 Oct 2010 11:38 AMJann Stuckey

2 October 2010

Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten has been forced to admit almost 200 State Government cars were incorrectly filled with unleaded petrol instead of diesel.

The fuel bungle, which has cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars to fix, was only exposed through an LNP question on notice in State Parliament.

LNP Shadow Public Works Minister Jann Stuckey said an unacceptably high number of QFleet vehicles were being wrongly fuelled and the Minister needed to address the problem rather than try to explain it away.

“The fact the Minister left it until after 5pm on a Friday to answer the question and release a press statement ten minutes later shows he is more interested in getting the spin and media management right than he is in ensuring the problem is fixed,” she said.

“To have 185 government cars filled with the wrong type of fuel in one year is just not good enough.

“Filling a car with unleaded petrol instead of diesel can cause up to $10,000 damage. In this case taxpayers have had to spend $63,000 to fix these cars but these mistakes could have cost $1.85 million.”

Ms Stuckey said the fuel bungle was just another example of avoidable waste occurring under this long term Labor Government.

“Waste under Labor ranges from hundreds of millions of dollars blown on a payroll system that doesn’t work and a dam that will never be built, to tens of thousands spent fixing government cars that have been incorrectly fuelled,” he said.

“This Bligh Labor Government has proven time and time again to be economically incompetent and it is Queensland taxpayers who are paying the price.”

Background – Question on Notice 1631-2010: http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/view/legislativeAssembly/tableOffice/documents/questionsAnswers/2010/1631-2010.pdf