Qld worst for repeat child abuse

30 Jan 2009 3:21 PMJann Stuckey

Queensland had Australia’s highest rate of repeat child abuse cases and the highest rate of children placed under protection orders, the State Opposition revealed today.

LNP child safety spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said despite Labor’s 2004 election promise to tackle child abuse, little if anything had improved, and on many key indicators the situation was a whole lot worse, as detailed in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s 2007/08 report – a particularly damning document for the State Government.

Ms Stuckey said more than half of all Queensland children under protection orders last year had been there before – meaning repeat abuse was not being redressed by the government.

“The number of Queensland Children placed under protection orders is on the rise and indeed, five years after the Labor government’s so-called overhaul of our child protection services, more children then ever before are now under the care of the Department.

“The figure has almost doubled from 4950 children in 2004 to 7040 children now in care and under protection orders,” Ms Stuckey said.

“These figures are absolutely shocking and reinforce the LNP’s calls for far more to be done in the area of early intervention to stem the flow of children coming into care.

“Compared with larger states such as New South Wales and Victoria, Queensland had the largest number of children under protection orders in
2007/08 highlighting just how serious the situation has become.”

Ms Stuckey said the LNP was committed to protecting children and introducing coordinated early intervention programs to reduce the incidence of child abuse in Queensland.

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30 January 2009