Queensland retailers continue to struggle

2 Dec 2010 4:29 PMJann Stuckey

2 December 2010

Cost of living has gone up and retail sales have gone down, the State Opposition said today.

ABS data released today proved Queensland has become the most expensive state in which to live with consumer spending down compared to other States.

“Queensland’s retail growth was almost stagnant in contrast to other States and in seasonally adjusted terms, had in fact retracted from previous months, said the Shadow Minister for Small Business, Jann Stuckey.

“Queensland recorded the slowest growth of any State at just 1.8 per cent and the last thing Queensland business needed was the seasonally adjusted 1.2 per cent decline. 

“The sky rocketing cost of living imposed by this toxic Labor government is impacting on retailers and consumers alike,” she said.

“It’s time Queenslanders got some relief to help cope with the cost of living, not the continual hip pocket hits they’ve been delivered by Bligh and Labor.

Earlier today the LNP released an analysis prepared by the Parliamentary Library revealing just how much the cost of living has increased since the Goss Labor Government took power on this day 21 years ago.

From 1989 to 2010:

•         Renewing a drivers licence for five years has jumped from $37 to $75
•         Car registration fees for a four cylinder car has risen from $301 to $654
•         The Gateway Motorway toll has gone from $1.50 to $3.85
•         Petrol prices rose from 53.5 cents a litre to $1.25 cents a litre (September quarter 2010)
•         Average annual household electricity bills rose from $586 to $1950
•         Government debt has skyrocketed from $2.9 billion to $62.8 billion and will keep climbing to $83.5 billion by 2014-15
•         The average debt per person has climbed from $1470 to $14,046.

“With these prohibitive household costs, it’s no wonder our retailers are suffering at the till. 

“The LNP is committed to easing the cost of living pressures placed on all Queenslanders,” said Ms Stuckey. 

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