Racing Minister ignores industry at his peril

2 Dec 2015 4:33 PMJann Stuckey

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s refusal to consult with the racing industry or respond to calls from respected advocates has raised the ire of countless stakeholders concerned about the status of Queensland racing.

Shadow Minister for Racing Jann Stuckey said due to Minister Byrne’s ongoing incompetence racing in Queensland was going backwards and the industry had had enough, calling for his resignation.

“In Parliament today I tabled letters from respected racing industry advocates expressing anger over the industry being used as a political football,” Ms Stuckey said.

“I also acknowledged the efforts of many racing media who are appalled at the negligent attitude of this minister and this government that have turned racing on its ear with no plan for its future.

“Many thousands of Queenslanders rely on racing for their livelihoods and are deeply fearful of this government’s intention to slash and burn their industry.

“In a show of arrogance and contempt for the industry, the Premier and Minister Byrne haven’t even bothered to respond to those in the industry who have expressed genuine concern.

“Country race clubs are deeply worried for their survival under this do-nothing Labor Government and with good reason.

“Only two out of a total of nine consultation forums were held outside of Brisbane, completely disregarding anyone involved in racing who lives west of the dividing range.”

Ms Stuckey said while the LNP wanted to work with racing clubs to help them to unleash their true potential, Labor had left the industry headless, leaderless and rudderless for six months.

“There is a palpable and growing frustration amongst the racing industry with confidence plummeting due to Labor’s inaction and the constant delays,” she said.

“The LNP has again called on the Minister to release the recommendations on the Tracking Sustainability Plan and guarantee honest and open consultation with the industry before any recommendations are implemented.”

[ENDS] 2 December 2015