Racing Minister withholding facts

22 Jan 2016 3:58 PMJann Stuckey

The LNP Opposition has accused Racing Minister Grace Grace of withholding information and making a string of unacceptable mistakes while trying to push through unpopular legislation.

Shadow Racing Minister Jann Stuckey said racing in Queensland continues to go backwards under the new Labor Minister and the industry deserves better.

“On 18 December 2015, I wrote to Minister Grace asking about the transparency of governance processes at Racing Queensland that may breach the Racing Act 2002,” Ms Stuckey said.

<Jann’s letter to Minister Grace>

“As of today, some five weeks later, I have still not received a reply.

“It is time the Minister answered those questions and many others posed by concerned industry stakeholders and employers.

“It is not surprising the racing industry are angry and restless with the treatment they have received from the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

“I have not seen an industry turned on its ear like this in my dozen plus years of political life.”

Ms Stuckey said under this Palaszczuk Labor Government, industry confidence and Queensland’s racing reputation was under threat.

“Since coming into office, Labor has failed to provide costings of the proposed Integrity Commission, the Tracking Sustainability Report was out of date and the annual report was riddled with errors and had to be corrected,” she said.

“The consultation forums ignored key regional centres and the Minister had to correct the record on the number of attendees who actually attended these events.

“We have seen example after example of a government making it up as it goes and showing nothing but contempt for the racing industry.

“This is the hallmark of a government with no plan, an industry left leaderless, rudderless and without experience at the helm.

“Even though we have a new Minister, the truth is she is no better and not different to the former Minister Bill Byrne.

“Labor is playing a dangerous smoke and mirrors campaign that will have a detrimental effect for years to come while the LNP remains the only party working to secure a positive future for the racing industry.”

[ENDS] 22 January 2016